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Vein Specialist in Humble, Texas

Vein Specialist in Humble, Texas

Vein Specialist in Humble, Texas

Some people think their vein problems are just cosmetic ones; vein specialists say they are not just cosmetic problems.

According to the Society for Vascular Medicine, more than thirty million Americans suffer from vein disease, but only ten percent seek treatment.

About twenty percent of all adults will have varicose vein disorders, a type of vascular disease, at some point in their lives. And while these diseases are more common in older people, younger people may also get them.

Sometimes, a vein disease may go unnoticed until it becomes severe and dangerous. So if you see even the slightest signs of vein problems, do not hesitate to seek a vein specialist before it worsens.

At Modern Heart and Vascular Institute in our Humble, Texas Cardiology Practice, you will find exceptional care and the latest tools to evaluate your heart health. Our Humble cardiology team of vein specialists believes that prevention is crucial, so we always focus on diagnosing and treating conditions to avoid surgical procedures.

Some signs to know that you should see a vein specialist include the following:


If you experience symptoms of discomfort such as throbbing, burning, heaviness, or pain in your legs, it may indicate that you need vein treatment from a vein specialist.

Heavy and tired legs, in particular, are one of the most significant indications of vascular problems such as chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).

Blood clots and varicose veins usually cause chronic venous insufficiency. Although it may not be a serious condition initially, later, it could lead to severe complications, such as venous stasis ulcers and other circulatory system problems.


Another indication of possible vein disease is discoloration of the veins. Discoloration indicates that blood is accumulating due to venous insufficiency. This sign is more common in individuals with varicose veins and spider veins.

Discoloration usually happens in the abdomen, feet, and legs when blood accumulates in the vessels instead of flowing back to the heart. Because of the blood’s accumulation, the pressure within the blood vessels tends to build up until a vessel leaks.

The veins’ discoloration may result from other vascular diseases, also spider and varicose veins. Skin discoloration changes associated with any vein disease include the following:

  • Hard, thick, and scaly skin
  • Red and darker skin
  • Leg ulcers
  • Swelling

Ask your trusted vein specialist doctor for diagnosis and treatment options if you notice any discoloration in your veins.


Blood pooling may cause fluid to escape from the vein into the surrounding tissues and produce swelling. Swelling is one of the typical symptoms of varicose vein conditions.

Individuals with vascular disease may experience swelling on one or both sides of the body. It is best to consult and obtain a varicose vein treatment procedure immediately with your trusted vein specialist. The physician may also diagnose other vascular conditions related to the swelling symptoms.


Persistent and prolonged pain is typical for individuals with vein disease. You will feel increasing pain the longer you stand or sit down.

Exercise may allow blood to flow better and relieve pain. Walking at least thirty minutes to an hour a day may help your circulatory system. If you cannot walk, you can opt for calisthenics such as squats.

If exercise does not relieve the pain, schedule an appointment with a vein specialist immediately. Suppose you are an individual who feels extreme discomfort when performing physical activities. In that case, vein specialists may provide you with suitable varicose vein treatment options and find other threats in your veins.


Twisted or knotted veins are among the indicators of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Twisted and swollen veins are twice as typical in women as in men.

Varicose veins may expose you to significant danger when you do not carry out a proper treatment plan on time. Therefore, it is best to seek medical advice from a vein specialist to help you with your vein problems before they worsen.


Whenever you have a frustrating itch that will not go away, it could indicate that you are suffering from vein disease.

Sometimes, chronic venous insufficiency may make your veins itch, and the frustrating part is that you cannot scratch your veins. Therefore, you will feel more irritated with itching that is not relieved by continually scratching.

Vein specialists may help you alleviate this problem. So, call us at Modern Heart and Vascular in Humble, Tx Cardiology Practice, and book an appointment with your trusted vein specialist immediately if you experience any prolonged itching so that they provide you with the correct treatment procedures.


Varicose veins near the skin’s surface may bleed if you cut or bump your leg. You can stop emergency bleeding by lying down, lifting your leg, and applying direct pressure to the wound.

However, stopping the bleeding may be difficult if you do not fully understand the correct procedure. Therefore, you must seek immediate medical treatment if the bleeding persists.


It is better to consult a vein physician if you have any of the previously mentioned conditions. However, it would be wise to remember that there are different types of vein physicians for various vascular problems.

The three types of vein physicians are vascular surgeons, phlebologists, and vein specialists. Like other physicians, they have different specialties and training skills. Continue reading to learn more about them:


Vascular surgeons are physicians approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and specifically trained to perform vascular surgery and postoperative care management of patients with various vascular diseases.

Vascular surgeons diagnose and manage simple and complex vein diseases, including vein surgeries, using minimally invasive techniques.


A phlebologist is a medically qualified physician specializing in diagnosing and treating patients with specific vein disorders, such as blood clots, spider veins, birthmarks, leg ulcers, and other related vascular conditions.

Phlebologists limit their service to the cosmetic treatment of varicose veins only. Phlebologists’ training, unlike vascular surgeons, does not include handling invasive vascular surgery and postoperative care of their patients.

When looking for a phlebologist, you should know that they only require a written exam to get their certification. This situation is because they have incomplete training as a vascular management expert.


A vein specialist holds an American Board of Medical Specialties board certification in invasive cardiology, vascular surgery, and interventional radiology. These specialists underwent intensive residency training before obtaining their board certification.

Vein specialists also have interventional specialties with unique minimally invasive skills acquired from several rigorous training programs.


If you have any symptoms of vascular disease, even if the manifestation is still mild or moderate, do not ignore it; ignoring it will only worsen the problem later.

Consult a licensed vein specialist immediately to perform the correct treatment procedure for your condition. Do not delay seeking medical advice to avoid further dangers and longer recovery.

If you require medical attention for your vascular problems, the staff at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute, both in Humble, Tx, and at our other locations, are here to help.

At Modern Heart and Vascular, we have years of experience providing the best and latest vein removal treatments and have treated several patients concerned about their veins. In addition, we work with highly qualified and skilled vein specialists with extensive knowledge and training in their field.

We have top-notch care treatments and minimally invasive procedures for various vascular problems with fast recovery time.

We concentrate on the underlying cause of your veins.

The benefits of non-surgical and least-invasive treatments are the following:

  • May be performed in a clinic (without hospitalization)
  • No general anesthesia
  • Extremely effective
  • Ninety-eight success rate
  • Walk-in treatment
  • No downtime or time off work

It would be best if you treat any vascular condition as soon as possible. However, if you can point out worrisome changes in the appearance of your veins on the surface of your skin, then have a vein specialist examine it immediately. You may visit our website to learn more about us or call us at (832) 644-8930 to book an appointment today at any of our Modern Heart and Vascular Institute clinics.

It is always best to prevent a problem from developing before it becomes more severe. Additionally, if you have threat factors for varicose veins, such as family background, consider calling us to visit our Modern Heart and Vascular experts. We can offer you additional ideas to maintain your veins thriving while you execute your daily activities.

If you have doubts about your vein’s condition or wish to be evaluated by one of our vein specialists, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

We put our patients first at Modern Heart and Vascular and answer their questions about veins, heart health, and heart conditions. We take most major insurance companies, including Medicare. Some appointments are available.

We are Modern Heart and Vascular Institute, a diagnostic and preventative medicine cardiology practice. For more information, contact us.

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