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High cholesterol is a controllable risk factor for heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. If you have high cholesterol and concerns about heart health, experienced cardiovascular specialist Rajiv Agarwal, MD, at Modern Heart and Vascular Institute can evaluate the health and function of your heart using cutting-edge equipment. From there, he can develop a personalized treatment plan to help you lower your cholesterol and improve heart health. To schedule an evaluation, call one of our offices in Humble, TX, Katy, TX or Cleveland, TX or book an appointment through the online tool.

High Cholesterol Q & A

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy fat type of fat produced in your liver and used to make cell tissue and certain hormones. Your body needs cholesterol in order to function properly.

However, if your liver produces more cholesterol than your body needs, it may affect your health and increase your risk of developing coronary artery disease. When assessing your cholesterol numbers, Dr. Agarwal not only takes into consideration your total cholesterol but also your bad and good cholesterol numbers.

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)

LDL is known as the bad cholesterol because of the role it plays in contributing to the buildup of plaque along your blood vessel walls that leads to conditions like coronary artery disease. 

High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

HDL is known as the good cholesterol because it removes LDL cholesterol from your bloodstream to lower your numbers. 

Men 35 and older and women 45 and older should have their cholesterol levels checked. You may require earlier blood cholesterol testing if you have risk factors for high cholesterol, such as a family history of high cholesterol or heart disease. 

What causes high cholesterol?

Your cholesterol levels may be high because of your diet choices. Foods high in saturated fat, including red meat and high-fat dairy foods, increase the production of cholesterol in your liver. 

Being overweight, not getting enough physical activity, and smoking also increases your risk of developing high cholesterol. Your high cholesterol may also be genetic. 

What can I expect during a high cholesterol evaluation?

Dr. Agarwal takes a preventive approach to care and you can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you come to the office with concerns about high cholesterol. During your exam, he reviews your medical and family history and lifestyle habits, then performs a physical. 

If he has concerns about heart health and function, Dr. Agarwal may request additional diagnostic testing, such as:

  • CT scan
  • PET scan
  • Echo-vascular stress test

Modern Heart and Vascular Institute is a full-service cardiovascular practice and these tests are performed at the office using the most cutting-edge equipment. 

How is high cholesterol treated?

Dr. Agarwal develops personalized treatment plans for high cholesterol based on the results of your evaluation. Your treatment plan may include:

  • Diet modification
  • Exercise program
  • Weight loss
  • Cholesterol-lowering medication

Additional treatments may be recommended to address any heart conditions identified during your diagnostic testing, such as angioplasty and stenting for coronary artery disease.

High cholesterol increases your risk of heart disease. Modern Heart and Vascular Institute offers cutting-edge diagnostic testing to assess heart health. Call the office or book an appointment online today.